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Frankfort Township Assessor
Phone: (815) 464-3180
Office Hours: M-F 8am - 4pm

Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Frankfort Township

Assessor's Office

Frankfort Township Assessor
Phone: (815) 464-3180
Office Hours: M-F 8am - 4pm

Frankfort Township Assessor

11000 Lincoln Highway
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Phone (815) 464-3180
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Answers to Your Assessment Questions

Q. When I receive my tax bill, is it too late to complain?

A. Generally, yes it is too late to appeal your last year's assessment. However, the assessment books are open for the assessor to add new properties, or make changes to update the properties for the current year. (It is important to understand that the bill you receive is for the previous year's assessment). I normally petition the Will County Supervisor of Assessments to authorize me to keep the assessment books open past the normal date to close out changes to the assessment book. I strongly suggest that NOW is the right time to review your assessment information. If you decide that a meeting with Joe, or one of the deputy assessors, is necessary, please bring with you a copy of your Plat of Survey, appraisal, photos, or any other documents that may help us to determine your market value.

Q. If I paint my house, will my home's assessed value be increased?

A. No. Most normal maintenance of the home will not raise its assessment. However, additions such as in-ground pools, decks, porches, fireplaces, room additions, and garages may add considerable value to the home and may warrant an increase in its assessed value. Remember, most home improvements qualify for the Home Improvement Exemption of $25,000 that lasts for a 4-year period. We automatically apply for this Home Improvement Exemption for you.

Q. How can homes with the same assessed value have different taxes?

A. Townships contain 36 square miles, and within townships there are several different levying bodies (e.g. budgets = tax rate) such as schools, police, fire, park districts etc., and villages. Furthermore, individual taxpayers may have one or more assessment exemptions, such as Homestead, Senior Homestead, Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze, Homestead Improvement, and Veteran's exemptions.

Q. How can homes that appear the same have different values?

A. Consideration has to be given for dissimilar levels of condition, modernization, location factors, quality of material, workmanship, type of fixtures, and other amenities such as number of bathrooms, bedrooms, fireplaces, finished basements, etc. All of the above are factors sometimes not considered by the taxpayer when comparing properties.

Q. How can the value of my property increase when I haven't done anything to improve it?

A. Property Fair Market Value is determined by many factors other than home improvements. Land value, replacement cost new, condition, desirability, improving neighborhoods, how many houses are for sale, and inflation are all factors affecting the value of your property. It is the Assessor's job to determine the present fair market value for your property. The assessor is mandated to consider all factors that contribute to or influence value, including the following: active listings, closed sales, expired/withdrawn listings, appraisals, sales ratio studies, regression analysis and so on.

On an ongoing basis we receive telephone calls and mail containing newspaper clippings of properties that have sold or are actively listed for sale, submitted by anonymous persons. We must consider all inquires into all types of property within the Township. We want to be fair to both the taxpayers and property owners. When we are notified that a property may be valued incorrectly, we thoroughly investigate. When deemed appropriate we may increase, and yes lower assessments, so that all taxpayers are treated equally, fairly, and impartially.

Q. What if I don't agree with my property assessment?

A. Contact the Assessor's office. The Assessor will attentively listen to why you feel your property value may be inaccurate. It will be explained why the value was placed on the property. If the problem is an error in calculations, it will be corrected. Talking with the Assessor clears up most problems. However, if you're still not satisfied, a complaint can be filed with the County Board of Review. If this does not obtain satisfactory results, and appeal can be filed with the State of Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board within 30 days after receiving notice from the Board of Review.

Fair and Impartial Assessments, Providing Equality for All